Julian Assange Meets “The Clinton Confounding Principle”

Posted with permission from Ricochet

“The Clinton Confounding Principle” can be stated thusly: An attempt to decrease Clinton popularity by scandal causes an equal and opposite increase in Clinton popularity.

This principle has confounded Republicans since 1992. Now Julian Assange is stuck in the inescapable clutches of the CCP. Recall the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

As a sitting President he lied to a federal judge. In sworn testimony in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case, he testified he did not have an affair with Monica Lewinsky. He famously admitted later that he did. That’s perjury.

Lying to a federal judge is enough of a high crime and misdemeanor to cause impeachment and removal from office. Nothing else really needed to be said. That the case was tied to his taking sexual advantage of a young lady barely older than his daughter, in his employ, should have made public opinion of him fall faster than a soccer player brushed by an opponent. His impeachment and removal from office appeared to be foregone conclusions. His chief antagonists, among them Republicans Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston, should have had an easy time of it.

bill-hillary-clinton-495x330When the dust settled, Bill Clinton won his case in the Senate, was more popular than ever, while Newt and Bob Livingston were out of office and the powerful Speaker of the House position. Behold the Clinton Confounding Principle. When they tried to electrocute Godzilla, the monster got stronger. When a Clinton falls into scandal, the Clinton gets stronger. Don’t try to figure this out or explain it. The CCP is bigger than we. It never loses. My best guess is that it is the bastard child of the Democrat drive to win at any cost to the nation and dumb luck.

There was once a Saturday Night Live sketch that touched upon this. It involved Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston sitting in a bar, disheveled, apparently drunk, and occasionally crying in gravelly voices, “What the hell happened? What the hell happened?” The Clinton Confounding Principle. That’s what the hell happened.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have been involved in more scandals than a New England football team. To describe them from Whitewater to Email Servers would take too much space and be too painful to re-hash. If you wish to prepare yourself for the frights of Halloween you can recall them all in this Washington Times list.

Now comes Julian Assange: The Robin Hood of stolen information. The keeper of dark secrets. The self-styled leveler of the rich and powerful playing fields. With a Little Leaguer’s enthusiasm, he walks toward the ocean, tiny plastic shovel in hand, promising to move back the tide of the Clinton Confounding Principle. He knows not what he’s in for.

If the Republicans had any other candidate who ran, right now the news would be filled with WikiLeaks such as Hillary promising open borders, it’s impossible to screen for terrorists, bashing Catholics, and telling Wall Street she’ll have to lie to the public to put through their backroom position.

So how did we end up with Donald Trump — angry voters? Establishment backlash? PC push-back? The Wall? No. Trump was sent by the Clinton Confounding Principle.

Recall if you will how long the polls told us this summer that in a head-to-head race, other candidates were beating Hillary, while Trump was losing to her. Hypnotized by the CCP into our Manchurian zombie state, we insisted Trump must win the primary.

So the night of November 8 you’ll sleep like a baby – every two hours getting up to cry and drink some milk, while Julian Assange takes his place at Gingrich and Livingston’s elbow, orders a stiff drink, and howls a plaintive wail, “What the hell happened?”

It was the Clinton Confounding Principle, Julian. We should have just confronted her on the issues.