Christie trolls political world with secret presser on… State House renovations

Chris Christie RotundaGubernatorial resignation? Trump job?

Major policy proposal?


Governor Chris Christie trolled the political universe on Tuesday morning by hyping expectations for a press announcement that turned out to be little more than the announcement of a $300 million renovation of the New Jersey State House.

There were rumors of a less-than-exciting storyline in the immediate run-up to Christie’s remarks:

Anti-climactic as it was, the only ‘big’ news to come out of the State House’s Rotunda was that a significant portion of New Jersey’s executive branch employees will be displaced for a few years – Christie estimates four – beginning in July 2017, a decision which will impact at least the firm term of the state’s next governor who will take office in January 2018 barring an early Christie exit.

An exit he insists isn’t coming. Christie seemed to end speculation as to his future with President-elect Trump, too, concluding his remarks by urging the media to “take a deep breath and relax” and asserting that he will, unequivocally, finish his second and final term.

“I am telling you that I completing my term,” Christie said.

Governor Christie’s presser seemed to catch even the Lieutenant Governor off guard as Kim Guadagno made calls to key political leaders around the state over the last 12 hours, presumably unaware (like the rest of us) of exactly what her boss might say.