A Confused Country Asks the Left: ‘When Is It Okay to Degrade Women?’

So you may or may not have caught this “gotcha” story in yesterday’s news cycle, Save Jerseyans. Atlantic County Republican Freeholder John Carman is catching heat and a little media attention for joking over the weekend about whether “the women’s protest be over in time for them to cook dinner?

What you need to know:

Carman is a male, and a Trump-supporting Republican (!), so the Rules of Political Correctness (which are ever-changing and impossible to perfectly uphold, because they’re subjective) will always be interpreted in the most negative possible light where he is concerned.

A lot of Republicans have stopped trying. Ask anyone who voted for Donald Trump last year.

The hypocrisy is still worth examining.

Say you’re not John Carman, a grizzled conservative from the Jersey Shore with enough Trump flare to adorn a small Navy vessel. If you’re, say, liberal? And female? What then?

Fear not; the rules apply differently to you. Night-and-day differently. For example, no one on the Left is calling for crass comedian Chelsea Handler‘s head after she complained about First Lady Melania Trump “barely speak[ing] English.” Nevermind that Melanie speaks five languages, fluently, which I suspect is more languages than Handler commands. Is THAT sexist? Particularly given the context of malice associated with Handler’s comments since she is a vocal Trump critic?

Kellyanne Conway (front center) visits a Wawa with Donald Trump.

No. Because she’s a female liberal.

Contrast her trajectory with that of conservative black actress Stacey Dash who can’t even hold onto a job at Fox News.

The normals fare no better; it isn’t a “some folks are held to a higher standard” kind of thing.

Consider all of those “pussy” hats and vulgar signs over the weekend.

Why are those things “empowering” but one harmless albeit stale joke is a hanging offense? Cheered on by female cultural leaders like Lena Dunham and Madonna who behave more like manic, unhinged shock jocks than stoic, principled suffragettes?

I dunno. Neither do most women.

“Over the decades, the title ‘feminist’ has come to have many meanings and has evolved with the leaders who pick up the flag and take on the cause. Yet with each transformation and redefinition, never has it been as bold and crass as we see it today. The feminist movement was at once combative, needed, angry, and revolutionary, but now it seems to be just downright vulgar. Is this the New Feminism?” Lifezette columnist Brianna Buczkowski recently wondered aloud

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway was more direct in her criticism given recent events.

“You have celebrities from the podium using profanity-laced insults,” the Jersey native said over the weekend. “You have a very prominent singer who’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars not going over to a woman’s shelter here in D.C. to write a check, but instead saying that she thought of, quote, ‘Burning down the White House.'”

John Carman (via Facebook)

“I just thought they missed an opportunity to be about solutions and to really fight for those millions of women whose kids are trapped in failing schools, who don’t have access to health care, who don’t have access to an economic affordable life,” she concluded.

Indeed. Why didn’t they?

Those same “New” Feminists aren’t just generally lethargic when it comes to actual hands-on empowering activity, but many were conspicuously (some would same shamefully) silent when Bill Clinton was accused of raping, degrading and abusing a large number of women, and when Donald Trump make a sexual joke in private, recorded by a “friend,” you would’ve thought that he kissed the Queen of England on the mouth without her consent. Into the streets we go! Without any mention whatsoever of a specific, discernible offending policy proposal that warranted the marches.

Did I miss the march for Monica Lewinsky’s dignity?

Or the women who have faced historically shitty job prospects? And sexist (!) White House wage gaps, all under Obama?

You get the point.

Freeholder Carman can’t credibly claim to be surprised by the reaction he elicited online.

He also can’t be blamed, nor can many other Americans who don’t subscribe to an -ism but certainly believe the antiquated notion that sticks, and stones, are more dangerous to bones than words be blamed, for sincerely inquiring as to why the Left gets away with degrading women on a consistent basis while simultaneously accusing everyone else of doing it. 

Why Bill Clinton can behave like a horny idiot, but Donald Trump’s mere words warrant mass, angry, organized political action?

Why some women are empowered by appropriating ugliness and vile stereotypes but other women are scorned for suggesting its a very-unfeminist trend?

Is it really just all about abortion? And a matter of base partisan politics? 

We can probably quit scratching our collective heads because that’s the only logical conclusion for lack of another common thread in all of this silliness. Don’t take my word for it: Ask the Pro Life women who were banned from the Women’s March.

I could not frankly care less if the Democrats ever recover nationally, but in the interest of sound, honest political analysis, I’ll conclude by pointing out to liberals who ARE reasonable (and interested in something grander than just beating those evil, nasty Republicans) that the Party of “Love” and tolerance‘s road to electoral redemption clearly begins with checking its arrogance, lightening the hell up, and spending less time pretending to know what’s in other people’s hearts and more time examining the transgressions of its own coalition’s leaders.

Policing its own and leaving the rest of us mercifully free of their twisted, partisanship-driven standards.

Stop hyperventilating over “micro-aggressive” tweets/Facebook posts and start demanding ACTUAL DEEDS that benefit the welfare of all Americans.

Getting back to ideas and leaving predatory hyper-sensitivity at the polling place door.

The American people have awoken to the double-standard. They’re not buying it anymore and it’s not going to work anymore in Atlantic County and just about everywhere else it’s tried. The wheel has turned. Election 2016 didn’t happen in a bubble. The Stacey Dash’s and John Carman’s still outnumber the snowflakes and the politicians who rely on their warped worldview to hold onto power.