SNUBBED AGAIN: Christie Plans Press Event During Guadagno’s Campaign Launch

Chris Christie continues to let the world know what he thinks of his second in command, Save Jerseyans, and the answer is “not much.”

Kim Guadagno‘s own gubernatorial bid will kick-off on Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. in Keansburg as first reported by Save Jersey last week.

Meanwhile, the Governor’s front office informed media on Monday evening that the Governor would hold a bill signing open to the media at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

In Newark.

In normal week day traffic? Keansburg and Newark are approximately 35 minutes to an hour apart, making it very difficult (impossible, in truth) for New Jersey’s state political media to cover both events.

The Front Office release also omitted the customary campaign contact info from the official schedule, a regular practice for Christie when he was doing campaign work for his own 2013 effort, the RGA or, most recently, Donald Trump.

Very mature! Right???

This is the first time the pair’s personal feud has spilled over into public view; the Guv bumped the LG back in November from a prime speaking slot at the annual League of Municipalities event in A.C., an event he’s routinely skipped in recent years.

Love or loathe Guadagno, you have to empathize a bit with someone whose boss treats them with such contempt. It’s brutal.