BATTLEGROUND LD2: Brown Leads Vince “Have You Seen My Glasses” Mazzeo By Nearly $140k

Chris Brown

Chris Brown‘s quest to succeed the retiring Jim Whelan in LD2 is off to a strong start, Save Jerseyans.

After a hundreds-of-supporters strong campaign launch on January 27th, new ELEC records reveal that the GOP Assemblyman leads his Democrat opponent, Assemblyman Vincent Mazzeo who’s still looking for his glasses, by nearly $140k in the campaign fundraising race — $171,875 in  contributions to Mazzeo’s paltry $33,560 — in what is almost certainly going to be this year’s most competitive State Senate contest.

Those numbers are a tad deceiving since the Democrats’ General Majority PAC dropped $2 million in the district in 2015.

Still, Brown survived that assault to narrowly edge-out Mazzeo for the top vote-getter spot in that same election, so this cycle’s strong start is a good indication that Brown and his team are no less ready for the storm this time around.

So far, so good….