Clinton-Connected N.J. Insurance Exec Behind New ‘’ Website?

A brand new N.J.-based news site appears to be coming to a computer near you this February 2017, Save Jerseyans, and according to a Wednesday morning blast e-mail received by a Save Jersey source, it’s called

We’re told the e-mail was received by New Jersey political-types from both sides of the aisle, and that speculative talk about the new project is already well-underway particularly in left-leaning political circles.

Here’s the sole content of today’s e-mail:

What’s extra-interesting about this new site’s pre-launch for New Jersey political watchers?

There’s a P.O. Box indicated in the e-mail itself, out of Verona, but the publicly-searchable domain registration info indicates that the site is registered to a “John Graham” of 25 Fairview Avenue in Verona, New Jersey, the street address of the politically-connected Fairview Insurance Agency Associates where John Graham serves as Chairman and CEO.

While no organization is specified, the registered e-mail admin contact is the firm’s network administrator and the listed phone number is Fairview’s main listed telephone line.

Mr. Graham’s Essex County-based firm is prolific in North Jersey and, in recent years, has found it’s name brought up in widely-reported political controversies from Morris County to Hudson County.

Graham himself is a Democrat powerhouse as both a fundraiser and senior party figure, having been inducted into the Essex Democrats’ Hall of Fame in 2015 and, notably, remaining closely connected to the political universe of Hillary and Bill Clinton throughout the 2008 and 2016 cycles. An alleged e-mail exchange between John Graham and current Monmouth Democrat Senate Candidate Vin Gopal (then-Chairman Gopal) even made its way into one of last year’s highly-publicized Wikileaks dumps. The e-mail itself wasn’t sensational but it’s a clear sign of Graham’s position and gravitas in state and national Democrat Party circles.

There’s no indication in the e-mail of the developing site’s precise focus, or what Mr. Graham’s involvement might be going forward beyond apparently registering the domain, but the branding appears very similar to that of, the former online political news project of David Wildstein of Bridgegate infamy (a/k/a Wally Edge) which was subsequently purchased by the New York Observer and continues to report on New Jersey politics with a leftward tilt.