UPDATE: Tsilionis, Jacobs Resign from Roseland Council

Two members of the all-Republican council in Roseland, New Jersey have resigned, Save Jerseyans, after New Jersey’s state-level GOP leadership called on them to step aside over a slur-laden text message chain.

The Sunday resignations of Thomas Tsilionis and Peter Jacobs were first reported by The Progress, the same local online news source that broke the text message story.

All six members of council (and the mayor) were copies but not all of them participated.

For example, back in May 2016, then-Councilmen Tsilionis inquired of Jacobs (who is Jewish), “David how do I become Jewish? I want to be half Jewish (cheap) and half African American (endowed).”

“First the Rabbi needs to take a bigger cut,” Jacobs replied.

“I am legally changing my name to ShwartzNigga,” Tsilionis responded.