How To REALLY End Clock-Changing Madness . . .

Posted with permission from The Dan Cirucci Blog

Congress has been playing around with daylight savings time as long as we can remember.

So we’re “springing ahead’ tonight and we’re doing it earlier than we did quite a few years ago.

That’s why you must turn your clock forward one hour before bedtime tonight.

And this is why you will turn it back again later in the fall.

This also means you have to reset all of those pesky digital clocks on various devices all over your house. And you lose an hour of sleep.

Hey, we love DST and wish we could have it all year round – which makes this ritual even more of a nuisance.

This is what happens when you let the federal government mess around with the time.

We have a solution for this twice-a-year time madness: Let’s set the clocks ahead one-half-hour tonight and leave them there.

It’s a permanent compromise. In the fall, leave the clocks where they are.

Next spring, no change. That oughta do it, right?