Jersey-Based Jamestown Merges with Trump’s White House

The New Jersey-based political consulting behemoth Jamestown Associates got lots of cred for its Trump 2016 television spots, Save Jerseyans. It’s a remarkable turnaround for a company that, only a few short years ago, was blacklisted by most of the national GOP campaign establishment for working for Tea Party primary challengers.

Times have changed. So has the man in charge.

Now the Jamestown leadership is slowly fusing itself to the Trump Administration (the whole Jason Miller thing is a long forgotten memory).

Over the past several weeks, the following Jamestown landed positions in the Trump power structure. Keep a close eye on all of them:

Tony Sayegh

Tony Sayegh
Tony is a Jersey guy. The former Jamestown Executive Vice President and Fox News contributor is now, as of this week, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs in the Treasury Department.

John Konkus
Konkus is part of the so-called “beachhead team,” in charge of media relations for EPA Director Scott Pruitt, in what remains a hostile environment for new traditional energy industry-friendly administration.

Kaelan Dorr
Jason Miller’s former top deputy and a transition team communications alumnus, Kaelan is now the White House Strategic Communications Advisor and Special Projects Manager.

Alexa Henning
Alexa was Director of Media Booking at Jamestown. Her new (appropriate) role is White House Director of Broadcast Media.

Sidenote: Jamestown Associates’ CEO  Larry Weitzner is the consulting force behind Kim Guadagno’s 2017 N.J. gubernatorial campaign.