Remember: Shameless Judicial Overreach Isn’t Just A Federal Crisis

Judicial overreach is a dangerously real thing, Save Jerseyans.

The Trump travel ban fiasco is but one example.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking this is only a federal problem. Sexy, big time court battles between the President and federal judges get all the attention from the headline writers and talking heads but, when it comes to your bottom line, the real trouble is in your own backyard.

In New Jersey?

Don’t get me started! Our state supreme court has taken it upon itself to usurp education policy (the school funding formula that spends half of all aid on a handful of cities) and housing policy (they just ordered the creation of a MILLION new units in America’s most densely populated state). These decisions have cost each New Jersey property taxpayer THOUSANDS of dollars, and the price tag is only going to get worse if left unchecked. We talk about them all of the time here at Save Jersey.

Did our N.J. framers intend education and housing policy to be set by a small group of unelected individuals with law degrees?

Somehow I doubt it.

Our national framers (whose work inspired our own Garden State constitution) certainly did not.

This is another thing that shouldn’t be a partisan affair in an ideal universe. Regardless of how you feel about the individual policies, folks, ‘Government By Gavel’ is no way to run a republic. Ask anyone trying to live and prosper in New Jersey.