ALERT: Pending N.J. Gun Legislation Would Forever Change The Doctor/Patient Relationship

The Trenton Democrats are relentless, Save Jerseyans, and they won’t stop until every lawful gun owner is somehow or another considered unfit to possess a firearm.

Their latest attack on the Second Amendment comes via A-2938, a bill sponsored by Assemblywoman Patricia Egan Jones and is scheduled to be voted on Thursday, March 23.

Her bill mandates that:

…a licensed practitioner of psychology, psychiatry, medicine, nursing, clinical social work, or marriage counseling who  currently is providing treatment services  determines, in the exercise of reasonable professional judgment, that the patient is likely to engage in conduct that would result in serious harm to self or others, the licensee shall report, as soon as practicable to the Attorney General the patient’s name and other non-clinical identifying information which the Attorney General shall only use to determine whether the patient has been issued a firearms purchaser identification card, permit to purchase a handgun, or any other permit or license authorizing possession of a firearm.”

It is a short read. I encourage you to take a look and promptly contact your representative in the Assembly to urge them to vote against this legislation….

Here’s why:

Destroys due process rights

If passed and signed into law, this legislation would strip lawful New Jersey firearm owners of their due process rights by turning medical professionals into state spies. The synopsis of the bill is crystal clear about the burden placed on medical professionals and the subsequent action that will take place as a result of conclusions made regarding patients.

It “[r]equires firearms seizure when mental health professional determines patient poses threat of harm to self or others.”

Consider, for example, if a woman is recently divorced and attending counseling sessions. If, during the course of conversations with her psychologist, the psychologist determines that she is at risk of suicide, the professional would be obligated to report on their patient to the Attorney Generals office and, if she owns a firearm, it would be taken away from her, prior to her every stepping foot in a court room.

This hypothetical case would eventually be resolved in court. In the meantime, property would be ceased and by the time the case does go to court, the divorcee will have spent thousands of dollars in legal fees to defend herself regardless of the outcome of the case.

No liability for medical professionals

Once a medical professional reports on his or her patient, they are immune from any liability. Using the divorcee example, the woman would have no legal recourse to seek damages from an overly cautious medical professional. This will ultimately incentivize medical professionals to err on the side of cooperation with the state instead of maintaining the privacy of their patents.

Dramatically alters the nature of the doctor-patient relationship

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance when an individual seeks out help from a medical professional, particularly when dealing with mental health. This legislation specifically names “Any person who is licensed in the State of New Jersey to practice psychology, psychiatry, medicine, nursing, clinical social work or marriage counseling, whether or not compensation is received or expected”

In addition to giving unprecedented power to health professionals that properly belongs in the court of law, this legislation will cause people who need help the most to pause or potentially refrain all-together from obtaining the medical attention they need for fear of being reported to the authorities.

We must not allow Democrat politicians’ disdain for the Second Amendment to further infringe on our rights. They will undoubtedly continue to look for creative ways to get guns out of the hands of law abiding New Jerseyans and it is up to us to stop them. We need to resist!

Please contact your representative in the Assembly and ask them to oppose A-2938!!!