OPINION: “America First” Does Not Always Mean “Non Intervention.” Stop Undermining President Trump!

Since the missile strikes in Syria, it didn’t take long for the liberal media, pundits and strategists to put their spin on the situation.

As usual, playing politics with combating evil in our time is more important to many in the leftist lying media than it is aligning with the president when it concerns our national security and coming together in the name of preventing an evil dictator from killing innocent people. God forbid. And the leftist conspiracies are as crazy as the ideologically driven leftists themselves, who are once again, conspiratorially slandering President Trump for political gain. First there was the “deep state/false flag” conspiracy theory, then the sick twisted so called “BOMB SHELL” conspiracy theory, and one of the latest…the “political stunt” conspiracy theory, all at the behest of sustaining the false, lying, slanderous narrative that somehow “the election was rigged by Russia and President Trump is in collusion with Putin.”

Sending 60 Tomahawk missiles on the Russian/Syrian Air Base completely blows this false narrative out of the water!

Unfortunately, “undermining the president”  does not stop at the mouths of liberals, regardless of motive. To just a few of my fellow conservatives who keep insisting “Donald Trump campaigned on non intervention,” and President Trump has “violated the Constitution” for not getting “congressional authority” to wage war, and “hey look, the neocons quickly got on board,” and “he was against the war in Iraq,” and “there are atrocities that take place all over the world so…” ALL A BUNCH OF MALARKEY!

Bottom line. This was NOT a “war” that was “waged” but rather a concise, strategic, punitive, pinpoint, smart, and  (as most agree) “necessary” mission on the part of the president, Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, the generals on the ground, intel, and our great military. It was also a “righteous” response to the most recent attack in which Asad launched his latest biological chemical weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION on his own people that included, men, women, children, and babies.


For weeks, conservatives have been bragging about the people President Trump has appointed to his cabinet, not to mention the “highly respected by everyone in the military” National Security Adviser Lt Gen H R McMaster. And then of course, there’s the adviser to Trump, Kellyanne Conway who has proven to be one of the most faithful loyalists to the conservative cause and to President Trump.

(Many, including myself, believe Donald J. Trump has been chosen by God to lead this nation from the front instead of from behind and this includes reversing the damage inflicted by Barack Obama for not enforcing the red line in Syria).

Republican political strategists and conservative commentators have gone out of their way to praise President Trump for aligning himself with people who are “brilliant” and “extremely qualified” as many on the right have touted! So why doubt now??? And the goal for many on the right has always been for the most part, a collective concerted front in combating enemies “foreign and domestic,” and to want what is in the best interest of our nation’s “national security.” Now more than ever, our faith in the Trump administration is being tested. Instead of doubting and undermining the president, as conservatives, we should be throwing our collective (undivided) support behind the Commander in Chief!

Trustworthiness and loyalty go a long way! And (shh) the enemy is listening.

And I would hardly call beefing up our military and insisting that killing ISIS and combating radical Islam wherever and whenever we can (as what Donald J. Trump has said throughout his campaign) is considered…


REAL RUSSIAN TIES:   “Senior U.S. intelligence officials have concluded that Russia had advanced knowledge of the Syrian Gas attack”


“A majority of Americans approve of President Trump’s decision to launch coordinated airstrikes against Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, according to two new polls released after the military intervention.”

And this I’m sure includes most Trump supporters!