Cory Booker (D-Twitter) Manages To Land On All Sides Of Syria

After taking an absolute beating over Russia and health care in recent weeks, Save Jerseyans,  President Trump finally had a stronger week than the Democrats. ‘Bout time!

The Donald (1) convinced long-time skeptics like yours truly that I didn’t gamble my vote away needlessly by getting Gorsuch across the finish line in t he same news cycle that he (2) reasserted America’s essential leadership role in our troubled world after two terms of Barack Obama and his band of pajama boys running away from it.

What was the Democrat response to all of this? Incoherent and disjointed. Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer praised the strikes; former Veep hopeful Tim Kaine contorted himself to make the argument that this is all somehow still evidence of Russian collusion. If Trump loves Putin? Lobbing 50+ missiles at his favorite pet dictator is an awfully funny way of showing it.

They’re lost in the woods. 

New Jersey’s Cory Booker (D-Twitter) inadvertently embodied the Democrats’ conundrum on Friday with one of the silliest Twitter rants I’ve seen in awhile (and we’re talking about a guy who quotes Winnie the Pooh). This is what he shared after 50+ U.S. missiles rained down on that Syrian airport:

Okay. Let me translate for you since I speak Booker’s native dialect (Twitterese):

(1) America should get involved to stop people from getting killed;

(2) But we shouldn’t, at least not without a plan;

(3) Granted, I’m not going to tell you what my plan would look like (even though I’m running  for president);

(4) …Except that I’d let more “refugees” into the States!

(4) But Trump should still ask me and congressional Democrats for our opinion anyway so that we can disagree and try to score points while people continue to die;

(5)  Please forget I didn’t say anything when President Obama acted unilaterally (or when he allowed the Syrian Civil War to escalate, did nothing after promising to something, then didn’t let any refugees into the U.S.  until the back end of his term).

Easier to understand with me to assist, right?

All the same, the thoughts behind the words are no more coherent for my excellent translation services volunteered on your behalf.

THIS is why Trump is still in OK shape, folks. Seriously. Forget the polls… we’re too far  out. What matters now is that America is facing yuuuuuuge challenges, ones which were consciously AVOIDED during the Obama years. Americans liked the man but instinctively knew he was sleepwalking (they let him off the hook because of who he was and what, in their minds, he represented). So they went in a different direction. Now Democrats and the Media and the Entertainment/cultural elites have done their worst to disqualify Trump but, until they qualify themselves by offering a coherent path forward at home and abroad?

Republicans will win in spite of themselves.