PRIMARY: Excluded N.J. GOP Candidate Wants Rival Debates

ELEC formally announced its 2017 GOP gubernatorial primary debate schedule today, Save Jersey:

(1) May 9th at Stockton University streamed on Facebook live and rebroadcast on NJTV; and

(2) May 18th at the Agnes Varris Studio in Newark broadcast live by NJTV, NJ Spotlight, WNET and C-SPAN.

The catch?

There’s a $430,000 admission threshold; that’s how much candidates need to commit to spend between now and June 6th to participate.

Rogers (L) and Guadagno (R)

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate and Nutley Commissioner Steven Rogers isn’t happy. He won’t be allowed to participate, presumably along with fellow outside-shot candidates Joe “Rudy” Rullo of Ocean County and Hirsh Singh of Atlantic City.

His solution? Rogers wants his fellow excluded candidates (from both parties) to schedule rival debates on the same days and times as the ELEC-approved debates.

“The people of NJ have a right to hear from all the candidates, not just the ones who have access to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Elections should be about ideas and a vision for all of the people not just for those who have money,” said Rogers in a statement.

“Perhaps we can come together for the common good of the people,” added Rogers.