Former ‘Save Jersey’ Contributor Einstein Running for Hoboken Council Seat

Republican State Committeman and grassroots activist, Joshua Einstein, declared his candidacy for Hoboken City Council on Thursday June 29th in a letter addressed to Hoboken and published at HudsonTv news site.

Mr. Einstein is a former contributor to this blog and has been involved in Republican and commonsense conservative circles for over a half dozen years. An active member of the local community and an avid essayist published in over a dozen publications and sites, he sits on the Hudson County Regional Jewish Council as well on the Executive Board of the New Jersey Young Republicans.

Einstein is running to be one of the 3 at-large city council persons elected in November.

As of yet there are only two incumbents and one newcomer with which he must compete. November will also see a new mayor elected as Mayor Zimmer, of tear-filled diary infamy, shocked the Hoboken political landscape by declaring her intent to not run again, to fight ‘global climate change,’ and endorse Councilman Ravi Bhalla as her anointed successor.

Many feel the divisions in the Zimmerite coalition were inevitable due to Mayor Zimmer’s closed door and unilateral decision making and the fact that the mayoral race has grown to no less than candidates.

As a conservative Republican in a Democratic stronghold, Einstein faces an oddly positive landscape with more mayoral than council candidates and with each mayoral would-be hoping to build a strong slate under themselves. Added to that dynamic is the over five thousand registered Republicans of Hoboken who, if united, could help elect Einstein to city council. When asked about this Einstein expressed genuine optimism.

“The commonsense people in town, from every faction – BnR (Born and Raised), reformers, Zimmerites, independents, moderate Democrats, and my fellow of Republicans, all realize that it would be an error to double down on mistakes of the past,” Josh explained. “Hoboken needs to reform municipal government, to end over-bonding (which kicks the can down the road on bills), cease the inane war on parking and drivers, end eminent domain abuse, stop regular rain caused flooding, halt the periodic and all too normal water mains breaks in our ancient infrastructure, and clean up our streets.”

Pragmatic solutions are how Einstein plans to build relationships with voters.

“From establishing a Parking Solutions Fund to prioritizing solving west side flooding, increasing rental housing stock to bringing back the Hoboken Saint Patrick’s Day Parade but on Sinatra Drive, expanding the central business district to updating antiquated ordinances in order allow to a flourishing of eateries in more neighborhoods, and more. Hoboken voters want honest issue oriented answers about the direction of our town,” Einstein continued. “People are going to disagree in some areas and I enjoy the exchange of ideas. I welcome the back and forth because it will give voters a picture of which of my fellow candidates are defending the failed status quo policies and which of us are thinking outside the box and for Hoboken.”

Einstein has this Save Jersey contributors support.

In his second letter published on Insider NJ, Einstein came out swinging in defense of Republicans and Trump voters in Hoboken, some of whom are also involved politically, running for office and are under attack for affiliating with the GOP.

Whatever local political differences there are between Einstein and the others, his defense of their GOP support and his pragmatic and substantive solutions offers a combo platter of reasons Hoboken’s Republicans, independents, and moderate Democrats should support him.