Could Phil Murphy’s ideas more than TRIPLE New Jersey’s budget?

Could Phil Murphy’s ideas more than TRIPLE New Jersey’s budget?

That’s the claim today from the rival campaign of Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno, Save Jerseyans, and in light of this week’s single-payer revelation?

It’s believable. This is math. The numbers say what they say.

You can click here to review the campaign’s cost estimate of promises made by Phil Murphy (D-Goldman Sachs)… and remember that it’s only July. Plenty of time for him to come up with new goodies.

Charts, however, are always more fun:

Single-Payer Healthcare

Cost: $68.5 billion

Pre-K To All Families

Cost: $600 million – $2 billion

Increase K-12 Education Spending

Cost: $1 billion

Increase Higher Education Spending

Cost: More than $430 million

Forgive Student Loan Debt

Cost: unknown

Tax Credits For Affordable Housing

Cost: $466 million

Increase Affordable Housing Funding

Cost: $23 million

Create A New Public Bank

Cost: unknown

Expand Earned Income Tax Credit

Cost: $70 million

Update Government Technology

Cost: Over $100 million

Emergency NJ Transit Funding

Cost: $300 million – $400 million

Fully Fund Pensions

Cost: $2.5 billion

Make New Jersey A Sanctuary State

Cost: unknown

Opioid TV Commercials… Starring Phil Murphy?

Cost: $15 million

Increase Open Space Funding

Cost: $20 million

Other Murphy Proposals

Cost: unknown

Other Murphy Proposals:

  • “Providing student loan relief for STEM employees and incentivizing employer matches” (
  • Creating a new state retirement plan for businesses (
  • “repurposing foreclosed properties as affordable housing”(
  • “Increase state funding for research and development”(
  • “Provide affordable, high-speed internet for all New Jerseyans and configure public spaces to be digitally and universally accessible” (