Photo of the Week: Rallying against hate (and conventional spelling) in A.C.

So Councilman Kaleem Shabazz (who I’m told is a relatively cool dude – he’s a Chris Brown booster) held an anti-hate press conference in Atlantic City on Wednesday, Save Jerseyans, in the wake of the Charlottesville kerfuffle.


Not every attendee was up for the challenge of an elevated debate:

“ATLATIC” [sp] and a missing “not” make quite a bit a difference, don’t they?

But it gets better: I’m also told that at least one of the BOTH sign-bearers pictured above ARE Democrat freeholder candidates: Caren Fitzpatrick (left) and  Ashley Bennett (right). They want to represent the people of “Atlatic” County.

Think about that for a moment, folks.

An under-discussed angle in these controversies is WHY violence happens. How groups like Antifa and the Nazis are able to dupe so many into behaving badly. 

The answer: too few people engaged in the public discourse are sufficiently capable of using the First Amendment in a meaningful way. If you can’t express yourself? You act out. 

Spelling challenges are only part of puzzle.