Joe Biden and the Art of Knowing When to Say ‘Arrivederci’

Posted with permission from The Dan Cirucci Blog

Joe Biden wishes he were president right now:

He’s just certain that he would be doing a wonderful job.

He knows that America would be in so very much better shape if only he were in charge.

And, you know what?

This is really painful to watch. Really painful!

And here’s why: Less than two weeks from now Joe Biden will be 75-years-old! Should he chose to run in 2020, he would be nearly 78 come election day.

Joe Biden has held elective office for nearly fifty years.

First elected in 1970, he’s been on the public payroll ever since. Even during a brief period in 1969 following law school Biden was on the public payroll as a public defender. He’s never really held a job in the private sector, never employed others, never run or been part of a business, never met a payroll and never had to work at the kinds of jobs most Americans are familiar with.

Biden set out to become a United States Senator by age 30 and he succeeded, becoming the the sixth-youngest senator in U.S. history, and one of only 18 senators who took office before reaching the age of 31. Good for him. But Biden landed in the Senate and there he remained until he became Vice President in 2008.

Enjoying all the perks and benefits of federal public service (and there are many) and basking in the vaulted existence of life inside the hallowed confines of the Senate and the White House, Biden has been part of the cushy Washington Insiders’ Club for nearly half a century.

This is all he has ever known!

Joe Biden is not just the definition of a career politician but he is sort of the granddaddy of Washington bloviators. He’s been at it so long that many who are serving in Washington right now weren’t even born when he arrived there. As such, by 2017 standards, Biden isn’t so much part of the solution as he is part of the problem — and one of the reasons why Washington (aka The Swamp) is in the state it’s in today.

Hey, we’re sorry that Joe Biden has had the kind of tragedy and misfortune in his life that we wouldn’t wish on anyone — and we admire him for the adversity that he has overcome.

But putting it all in perspective, we simply have to ask ourselves why he’s rehashing prior decisions, brooding over gnawing misgivings and musing over apparent regrets at this point in his life. Why?

Yes, we know he’s out selling a book.

But the bottom line is this: When is enough, enough? When?