How much would Murphy’s Sanctuary State plan cost N.J. taxpayers?

How much would Murphy’s Sanctuary State plan cost N.J. taxpayers?

The most accurate answer: we don’t know an exact amount, but we know it’ll be a LOT.

California’s deliberations (and possible upcoming voter referendum) on Sanctuary Statehood are probably instructive. 

According to that state’s Senate Appropriations Committee? There would be “a one-time cost of $2.7 million and ongoing costs of $2.3 million per year for the state to develop compliance policies, provide training and outreach to state agencies and compile task force reports” to comply with the new state law.

But that’s just the beginning. A proverbial “drop in the bucket” in the larger scheme of things.

What we don’t know:

  • Lost federal aid to New Jersey and its urban centers worth $15.7 billion
  • Costs associated with local law enforcement agencies, schools and courts modifying existing procedures and policies
  • Lost revenue from certain programs, e.g. an end to leased jail space by the federal government
  • Ancillary costs from an increased strain on services and spikes in violent crime
  • Potential decreases in property value

When all’s said and done, it’s safe (and conservative) to estimate that Phil Murphy’s dangerous experiment could cost at a minimum billions annually in cumulative (1) new expenses and (2) lost aid at a time when our state is already in dire financial straits… 

…on top of the other $60 billion he wants to spend.

New Jersey could quite literally go bankrupt if Sanctuary Phil gets his way on this one. Lights out, roads crumbling, sell the State House levels of desperation and disaster.

It’s your call on November 7th, Save Jerseyans.