Re-elected as GOP Leader, Kean says “first priority must be to address the crisis of affordability”

Re-elected as Republican leader for the upcoming 2018-2019 legislative session, state Senator Tom Kean Jr. (R-Union, Morris, Somerset) is facing daunting odds for his caucus.

Democrat Phil Murphy is governor-elect and an empowered Senate President Steve Sweeney, fresh from staving off a challenge from the NJEA, will be in no mood to compromise for the sake of compromise.

Sweeney’s caucus is one stronger, too, at 25-15 after Vin Gopal upset Jennifer Beck in LD11; Republican Chris Brown’s victory in LD2 was cancelled out by Democrat Troy Singleton’s victory in LD7 on the other side of South Jersey.

So does Kean hope to accomplish?

The political scion says it’s all about being the party that is seen as the advocate for the Middle Class’s bottom line.

“Our first priority must be to address the crisis of affordability that has driven so many New Jerseyans to other states. We must work to protect the investments people have made in New Jersey, in their homes, jobs, businesses, and the education of their children,” said Kean in a statement following his re-election.

Republican have not controlled the chamber outright since 2002.