POST-CHRISTIE REALITY: GOP freeholder switches parties, gifts Salem County to the Democrats

Another elected “leader” is jumping ship as New Jersey Republicans head into the wilderness, Save Jerseyans.

Down in Salem County, Republican Freeholder Melissa DeCastro of Carneys Point has announced that she’s switching parties and joining up with the regional Democrat Machine, a move that will see Salem County back in Democrat Party hands for the new year.

“Serving in my first term as freeholder, I was excited to tackle important issues impacting our neighbors to help jumpstart the economy, reduce our tax burden and provide quality services to the community,” DeCastro said in a statement published by

Currently? The GOP holds a 6-to-1 advantage on the seven-member freeholder board for the sparsely-populated Southern New Jersey County.

But voters recently voted to reduce the board from seven to five members and, in the wake of a Republican candidate’s defeat in November, DeCastro’s betrayal will give the South Jersey Democrat Machine a decisive 3-to-2 majority.

The loss of Salem County is only the latest in a long line of recent reversals of N.J. GOP gains from the early Christie years.