Pascrell: Win or lose, Nancy Pelosi won’t be back as speaker

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Democrats could retake the House of Representatives in 2018, but one veteran Democrat congressman doesn’t expect House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to lead the Democrats come January 2019 no matter out the come.

That’s what Rep. Bill Pascrell (D, NJ-09) told The Atlantic in a report published Thursday.

“I would expect that we would have, win or lose, new leadership by January 1, 2019,” Pascrell said. “She would love nothing more than to win, and then she’ll get out.”

Pascrell’s own seat isn’t considered competitive, but control of the House could run through New Jersey with four of the Garden State’s twelve House seats considered at least somewhat competitive this cycle.

Pelosi has served in Congress since 1987, and she has been the Democrats’ leader in that chamber since 2007.