VIDEO: Navy SEAL Assemblyman says it’s time for Trenton to stop passing resolutions, start acting

TRENTON, N.J. – Freshman Assemblyman Ryan Peters (R-8), a retired Navy SEAL and South Jersey attorney, called on Trenton to lift the state’s $10,000 limit property taxes deductions on Monday.

“Stop playing politics with resolutions that urge relief and lets really provide some,” said Peters during a committee hearing, citing S413/A3314 which still has not been scheduled for a vote under the Dome and echoing the sentiments of Rep. Leonard Lance (R, NJ-07) who urged similar action late last week. “Congress can’t lower our property tax bills but the state legislature can.  We should be moving bi-partisan legislation allowing people to deduct their full property tax bills from their state income taxes.”

“Trenton hasn’t considered a single bill to help lower property taxes and as a consequence New Jersey families struggle to make ends meet,” added Peters.  “Let’s stop the political theatre and start working to lower property taxes.”

Peters’s ire was raised by a Democrat-backed resolution which seeks to pass the buck back on Congress in the wake of federal tax reform’s adoption at the end of 2017.