POLL: Majority opposes full legalization of pot in N.J.

Governor Phil Murphy wants to legalize marijuana in New Jersey. Most believe at least some change to the current laws is warranted. But according to a new FDU poll, Save Jerseyans, there remain deep divisions even inside the “legalization” camp as to what change should look like:

“When asked about a number of options for how the state should treat the use and sale of marijuana, 42 percent believe the state should make it legal for its sale and use. A quarter support keeping recreational marijuana illegal while maintaining the legality of medicinal marijuana (27%) and 26 percent favor decriminalization,” FDU reported. “In total, 53 percent provide support for something other than the legalized sale and use of the drug. However, two-thirds (68%) favor some degree of change to existing laws (26% decriminalization and 42% full legalization).”

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