It’s Time To Ask The Left: “What Are You Still Resisting?”

By Matt Rooney

Here’s a little morning mediation for you, Save Jerseyans:

The U.S. unemployment rate is now at 3.9% and, more critically, the so-called underemployment rate (U6) fell to 7.8%.

Black and Latino unemployment rates are also falling to record lows.

A decades-old Korean War — one which began long before many of us, or even our parents, were born — looks like it may be over.

ISIS? A murderous, evil regime which particular malice for women, gays, and other “minority” groups? A wannabe empire once believed to be the challenge of our time? Decimated.

Taxes have been cut for the vast majority of Americans.

Job-killing regulations are also being slashed.

Wages have risen including at some companies where $15 happened without “a fight.” The market did it.

We’re talking about repatriation for a change.

There isn’t much bad news out there, and even if you don’t want to give President Donald Trump the credit for all of this stuff, you at least have to admit that, despite the much-discussed ‘chaos” inside his White House, he hasn’t exactly blown up the world despite nearly 1.5 years in office and plenty of opportunity to do so.

He also hasn’t suspended habeas corpus, set up internment camps, or done any of the other scary things you might’ve been prepared for had you watched too much MSNBC or CNN.

This question is for my friends on the Left: what, exactly, are you still resisting?

Other than “tone” which, last I checked, hasn’t stopped things from happening on Capitol Hill.

It’s time to look to yourselves and consider how maybe, just maybe, the real threat to continued success and American unity isn’t the man on Pennsylvania Avenue but the people who refuse to afford him, and his supporters, a shred of dignity, respect, and yes, support for a job well-done?

By the way: it’s also time to ask Republicans why THEY aren’t demanding an answer of the Left, too.