ROONEY: New Jerseyans “have to break the law” to get Phil Murphy’s attention

TRENTON, N.J. — New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s latest giveaway? Taxpayer-subsidized tuition aid for illegal aliens residing in the Garden State.

The state is presently accepting applications, and Murphy’s radical vision of a “Sanctuary State” is one step closer to reality.

Save Jersey founder and editor-in-chief Matt Rooney joined the Chasing News A+ Panel on Wednesday to take Murphy to task for his twisted priorities and the terrible signal it sends to those both living in New Jersey and maybe considering a move to the state; Rooney also questioned whether saddling more young students with economically-disadvantageous degrees is truly helping anyone:

“To get the attention and care of a far-left Democrat like Phil Murphy, I guess you have to break the law? That’s the message to taxpayers. But there’s a deeper issue here, too. Part of the problem in this country right now is there are not enough jobs for liberal arts majors, so we’re going to subsidize more people to go and get degrees they can’t get jobs with? It’s a cycle that needs to end. That’s the discussion we should be having.”