NJSEN: Hugin rebuts Menendez’s cancer drug smear with tearjerker character assessment

MOUNTAINSIDE, N.J. — Bob Menendez has voted to make drug prices more expensive, rejecting efforts to allow the import of cost effective alternatives.

“Corrupt, career politician Senator Menendez’s election conversion on these issues won’t fool New Jersey voters. The fact that Menendez greedily solicited and took nearly $1 million in donations from pharma, but now suddenly is the crusader against the industry is the height of hypocrisy. His desperate rhetoric directly contradicts his votes in Washington, where he voted to allow pharmaceutical companies to delay the release of less expensive generic drugs,” said NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt on Friday.

Fidelity to the truth (or fear of being branded a hypocrite) hasn’t stopped Democrat Senatorial incumbent, severely admonished by a bipartisan committee for his unethical behavior, from attempting to smear his Republican challenger Bob Hugin for his tenure in the cancer drug industry. Menendez’s campaign launched an online campaign this week (via “Healthnewsnj.com”) to accomplish it.

Unfortunately for Menendez, Hugin has the money to fight back… and then some.

On Friday, the Hugin campaign unveiled a television ad titled “Ryan” starring a father who offers a positive character assessment of the GOP nominee.”

“Bob and Celgene stepped in,” says Kirby Davidson, the parent of a child diagnosed with a brain tumor at age six.

“Our ad makes sure New Jerseyans know who the real Bob Hugin is: a father and husband who dedicated the last two decades of his life to improving the quality and extending the lives of millions of patients with cancer and terminal diseases,” said Hugin Communications Director Megan Piwowar. “Under Bob’s leadership at Celgene, millions of patients with life-threatening diseases like cancer had the opportunity to spend more birthdays with their loved ones and friends. For Bob Hugin, the first concern always has and always will be the millions of patients and their families that Bob and Celgene were able to help.”

The new spot is set to begin running next week.