Christie launches Twitter tirade ripping Woodward, bashing Bannon

BAY HEAD, NJ — Chris Christie is one of many Trump allies who insists Bob Woodward didn’t accurately represent him in his new White House expose.

On Tuesday, the ex-New Jersey governor took to Twitter and tore into the legendary investigative reporter’s “Fear: Trump in the White House” account of his role in the greater Trump sphere; Woodward’s account of the future president, Christie, and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s interactions during the transition period is particularly controversial and conflict-laden:



“That’s why he lost. You’re jinxing me,” Trump allegedly told Christie upon learning of fundraising for the Trump-Pence transition team during the 2016 campaign.

“Where the f—k is the money?” purportedly added Trump before telling the Governor of New Jersey that he was shutting down the operation.

Christie was ultimately shuffled out of the Trump transition chairman’s position. The transition team wasn’t shut down but it was scaled back.

Bannon, of course, was fired early into the first term.