N.J. Democrat House candidate: Disagree with me? Move to Arkansas!

By Matt Rooney

Democrat Mikie Sherrill has an unambiguous message for anyone in her district that ISN’T on board with the Democrats’ “progressive” agenda:

Move to Arkansas.

Here’s the mailer (paid for by N.J. Democrats) recently sent out to NJ-11 voters:



Her Republican opponent for the suburban and affluent North Jersey open seat (of the retiring GOP’er Rodney Frelinghuysen), our friend Assemblyman Jay Webber, rightly called it Mikie’s “deplorables” moment, referring of course to Hillary Clinton’s infamous 2016 gaffe. 

“If this is how Mikie treats New Jersey neighbors who don’t see eye to eye with her, how can we expect her to go to Congress and reach across the aisle to get things done for the country? Demeaning and belittling the people of an entire State is just wrong, and it’s that mentality that is tearing our country apart,” said Webber. “Mikie should stop worrying about ‘New Jersey values’ versus ‘Arkansas values.’  The only way forward for our country is to start thinking of our values as AMERICAN values.”

All true.

But Hillary isn’t the only far-left elitist that comes to mind, Save Jerseyans, when a new generation liberal tells taxpayers to get lost if they don’t like their policies.

Back in 2009, Goldman Sachs alumnus and then-New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine infamously advised New Jerseyans to ‘go to North Dakota‘ if they wanted a lower unemployment rate.

You’ve chosen interesting company for a Democrat trying to turn a reddish district blue, Mikie! Wouldn’t have been my play, but then again, I’m not an arrogant jerk who can’t seem to hide her disdain for the people whom she wants to ‘represent’ in Washington. Those who haven’t moved to Arkansas, that is.

Correction: the mailer itself appears to have been paid for by the state Democrat committee, a common practice, so this article has been updated to reflect that.