CBS POLL: Menendez leads Hugin by 10 points

The Staff

A second poll shows Bob Menendez winning his U.S. Senate battle against challenger Bob Hugin, the Republican nominee, by a normative Democrat state-wide victory margin.

The CBS News survey found Menendez (49%) leading Hugin (39%) by 10-points among likely voters. 4% said they’ll choose someone else, while 8% remain undecided. 44% of those supporting one of the two major party candidates said party ID, more than the issues or personal character, Was motivating their decision. 

60% of those polled said this year’s SCOTUS battle made them more likely to engage the election. The poll was conducted before Brett Kavanaugh’s Saturday nomination to the Supreme Court. The gender gap: 28% of women said his confirmation would make them more likely to vote Democrat this year, while just 13% said it’d motivate them to vote for the GOP candidate.

Unsurprisingly, the rivals sparred over the weekend via Twitter as the Kavanaugh confirmation fight reached its conclusion:

Some good news for Hugin? While only 74% of Menendez supporters say there’s no way they’d consider voting for Hugin this year, a full 92% of Hugin voters reported that there’s no way they’re backing Menendez. 

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Polls are all over the place but none show a Hugin lead. He’s been down by anywhere from 2 to 11 points over the course of the last month.