N.J. PBA blasts Advance Media’s ‘report’ on police force

TRENTON, N.J. — A new ‘report’ released Thursday by N.J. Advance Media (the primary content provider for NJ.com) paints a bleak picture of New Jersey police officers and their superiors’ oversight of the use of force.

The New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Colligan responded with a scathing press release which dismissed N.J. Advance Media’s story as evidence of “the demise of legitimate journalism in this country.”

“I knew where this ‘investigative report’ was going the moment I saw the teaser headings and salacious preview video. It worked a few months ago for another NJ news organization so why not give it a crack here at nj.com,” said Colligan, citing a similar investigation from 2017 conducted by the rival USA Today Network. “They have provided you with a clickable database for watercooler banter today, nothing more. Like TMZ, Inside Edition and the like they are giving you a suggestive bit of sensational data to keep an unsuspecting public engaged. Regretfully and unfortunately they have only told half the story. True journalists at least attempt to tell an entire story.”

Among Colligan’s criticisms? N.J. Advance Media’s lack of provided context; for example, supplemental report and witness statements which help explain why the officer believed force was justified in a particularly situation are not included in the media network’s report.

Click here to read the full NJSPBA response.