Webber’s closing argument to NJ-11 voters: don’t reverse course on prosperity

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J. — Assemblyman Jay Webber did what candidates do on a rainy election day and dropped in on the morning Brookside Diner crowd gathered at NJ-11’s Whippany.

Unlike many of his GOP colleagues?

Webber, a rock-ribbed conservative legislator who sits on the Reagan Ranch’s board, touted the country’s economic progress under President Donald Trump and a GOP-controlled Congress.

“You know what is at stake: our vision for America, which is working!  Because we cut taxes and red tape, unemployment is at a 49-year low.  Because we have encouraged businesses to invest in America again, wages are up, bonuses are back, and consumer confidence is high. And because we know that a rising tide lifts all boats, African American and Hispanic unemployment figures are at record lows,” said Webber.”

“After all the progress we’ve made, all the opportunities we’ve created, and all the momentum we are building, why would anyone want to reverse course?”

Webber is considered the underdog in his race against Democrat Mikie Sherrill who out-raised him nearly 7-to-1.