Why I’m voting Republican (as an Independent) in 2018. | Gonzalèz

By Rev. Mario Gonzalèz

I am an independent. That said, during the last presidential election I found myself making a hard decision and voting for someone I found morally reprehensible for the sole reason that I, as a Christian attorney, knew that protecting our courts, particularly the Supreme Court, was THE MOST IMPORTANT issue in our country.

Presidents come and go in 8 years MAX. However, Supreme Court justices, court of appeals judges, and district court judges are nominated by the President and confirmed by the United States Senate, as provided for in Article III of the Constitution, serving for LIFE TERMS!

Any activist legal worldview held by these judges/justices could well negatively affect our children’s children if they hold to a non-textual or non-originalist view of the U.S. Constitution.

PLEASE KNOW that the church and the individual RELIGIOUS FREEDOM of all conservatives are under attack by the liberal left. Our religious freedoms are facing the greatest threat in modern history – a threat unfortunately spearheaded by the Democrat party. So far, the Republican Party was able to place two good Justices on the Supreme Court and many more in our circuit courts.

In order to protect our rights, it is critical that Republicans CONTINUE to outnumber Democrats in both the House (Congress) and the Senate. I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH.

Don’t know what you plan to do on Tuesday, but I intend to defend our faith at the polls this Tuesday by voting straight line Republican for Congress and Senate. I am still an independent, but Republican victories across the board for Congress and the Senate THIS TUESDAY, NOV. 6 are ESSENTIAL.


Rev. Mario Gonzalèz, Esq., is Senior Pastor of the Hope Center Tabernacle in Jersey City, NJ.