ANALYSIS: New Jersey has a $117 billion state government

MORRISTOWN, N.J. – Every wonder exactly what all of these taxes you’re paying are subsidizing, Save Jerseyans?

The easy answer: a $117 billion governmental monster.


Our friends over at the the Garden State Initiative (GSI) have kicked off a five-part series taking a hard look at HOW New Jersey spends your money, where it’s wasting your money, and how the money could be spent more efficiently.

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The big takeaways from GSI:

-> “The consolidated cost of government services in NJ is $117 billion – triple the size of the annual state budget.”

-> “That $117 billion funds 1,522 government entities – one government entity for every 6,000 New Jersey residents.”

-> “At 22%, public employee benefits are the largest expenditure category for the state – well exceeding health care and transportation.  “

->”Property tax collections of $28 billion account for 24% of all revenue collected and dwarf the next two largest revenue sources, which are the $14 billion each from Income Tax and Federal Aid.”


GSI thinks the the state could save its taxpayers $1 billion by enacting some fairly simple, straightforward reforms:   

“With over 1,500 publicly-funded entities collecting and spending well over $100 billion dollars, we believe New Jersey taxpayers deserve a full understanding of how that money is being spent,” said Regina M. Egea, GSI, “along with realistic opportunities available to improve performance in the delivery and cost of services.”