Grewal sued over attempt to end 3-D gun blueprint sharing

TRENTON, N.J. — The 3-D gun fight isn’t over.

federal complaint was filed this Tuesday against New Jersey’s notoriously activist Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, Save Jerseyans, seeking to overcome Grewal’s office’s ongoing effort to block the distribution of 3-D gun blueprints by threatening distributors with criminal prosecution.


Unlike many gun rights cases, this battle hinges more on the First Amendment than the Second.

“With a torrent of civil and criminal enforcement actions, Grewal is conducting a censorship campaign that expressly targets Defense Distributed’s publication of digital firearms information and expressly targets its audience,” the plaintiffs explain in their complaint. “If anyone dares to share the information deemed illicit, Grewal swears that he ‘will come after you.’ This state official wants so desperately to abridge the Second Amendment’s right to bear Arms that he will do so by blatantly abridging the First Amendment’s freedom of speech.”

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