Gropacus announces presidential bid, declaring USA lacks ‘sense of common purpose’

By The Staff

It isn’t “news” that Gropacus (f/k/a Cory Booker) is running for president in 2020, Save Jerseyans, but New Jersey’s junior U.S. Senator made it official on Friday with a tweeted-out video in which the candidate declares that America lacks “common purpose” and that he can somehow solve it all through “collective action” and leaning on his failed stewardship as mayor of Newark, New Jersey, where crime and unemployment remained unaddressed throughout his tenure.

He’s up for reelection to the Senate this year, too, and N.J. legislative Democrats recently adopted a measure affirming his eligibility to seek the presidency and a new Senate term simultaneously should Booker secure the Democrat nomination; he would then need to resign the senate seat triggering a vacancy in New Jersey for Governor Phil Murphy to tackle AFTER Election Day.


Booker is joining a crowded field that appears to be growing by the week, if not daily.

Here it is: