Politics 2020: Can The Dems Resist The Pony?

By Dan Cirucci
Posted with permission from The Dan Cirucci Blog

What’s going to happen with the Democrat Party?

Well, for one thing, it’s already morphed into the Democrat SOCIALIST Party.


That’s pretty mush a done deal.

And you will see all of the party’s many 2020 presidential candidates moving to the far(ther) left if they haven’t already done s. They must appeal to their base.

But, with so many candidates, familiarity and name-recognition will become increasingly important. This is because the newcomers (and thee are a lot of them) will spilt up the vote and register in the high single digits of low teens at the outset.

That scenario would be a dream for the Original Established Veteran, aka Uncle Joe.

A friend who is a major Des contributor (and who is exceptionally well connected) tells me this: in the beginning, Dems will coalesce around Joe Biden. If you look at the polls you will see that Biden is already leading the entire pack. He’s a known entity. And he will serve as a safe space at least until things begin to become more clear. He a comfortable old shoe.

If you’ve been paying attention you can see that Uncle Joe is maintaining a very low profile right now. He’s not making many appearances, not speaking too much, not making a big splash of any kind. he’s laying low. He doesn’t want to be overexposed right now and he doesn’t need to put himself out there — yet. Maybe he’s having term abrasion or more Botox treatments or whatever. Who knows?

For now, Uncle Joe will let the youngsters do their thing. Let them make a lot of noise and create a lot of confusion as they scurry to differentiate one from the other. And plenty of differentiation will be needed.

But, be sure of it. Uncle Joe is putting his machine — his campaign — together as you read this.

All of the pieces are now quietly being put into place. And he has the luxury of time. So he can pretty much spend his time picking and choosing who he wants to work for him and what he wants them to do. Beyond all that, his connections to major powerhouses such as Bg Labor are sealed in platinum. And even if Big Labor doesn’t eventually stay with him, his campaign is the logical parking spot for that behemoth right now.

When and how will the Big Reveal occur for Uncle Joe?

Expect a multi-platform splash — social media, traditional electronic media, some sort of Big Event, the whole deal. Joe’s gotta show that he’s up to the minute on all of it. And you can also expect young people and people of color to take major roles in his campaign. He needs to cut a wide and diverse demographic swath. And he can do that. He’s got the dough and the organization to make it happen. So, he can and will come in like the Big Kahuna.

Still, none of this guarantees Joe Biden the nomination or even the automatic leg up in the early primaries.

Iowa and New Hampshire love to surprise.

And isn’t California already signed up for a super early primary this go round? And haven’t the Obama’s already come very close to blessing Kamala Harris and/or Beto O’Rourke?

So, the road ahead for Joe Biden is fraught with peril.

And Democrats are enormously fickle, especially these days when they’re suffering from terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome and they still haven’t gotten over the shock of 2016 and some of them are still wildly pining for impeachment or an internal coupe.

It used to be said that Democrats nominate while Republicans coronate. And that rule certainly applied for Republicans until Donald Trump came along. But he broke all the traditional GOP rules and reset the table. Thank goodness for that!

Here’s the real deal on the Dems: they’re always looking for a magic pony. That’s what they love more than anything else.

JFK was a magic pony. Bubba Bill was a magic pony. Barack was a magic pony. They came out of nowhere and cast an enormous spell over everything in sight. Issues, ideology, the practical business of getting things done — none of this matters when the magic pony comes along because the pony is intoxicating. The pone is an irrestable elixir, a political narcotic. And we all know that the Democrat Party is loaded with both reconstructed and nouveau potheads and addicts in training.

Biden inventing 13 new casualties for the infamous Kent State shootings

They want that pony fix.

Joe Biden is no pony.

Hillary never was a pony.

Elizabeth Warren ain’t no pony.

But a pony may catch on in the name of Beto or Kamala or Cory or a name that hasn’t achieved that level of visibility yet.
And Democrats love to ride the pony.

And sadly, the nation is almost equally susceptible. Old war horses like Nixon and Dole and McCain all fell to magic ponies.

How will it all end?

We don’t know.

But we do know this much: The Dems will likely offer a ticket that will contain a woman and/or a person of color. And the Republicans will likely offer a ticket of two old(er) white men.

Beware, America.

The future is potentially perilous. A major storm is brewing.

And it’s closer than you think.