Booker’s early fundraising is anemic

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Cory Booker’s weak poll numbers may appear surprising in light of his extremely weak early fundraising.

The Democrat presidential hopeful and junior U.S. Senator from New Jersey recently disclosed that he’s raised $5 million to date for his struggling presidential campaign, a dollar amount significantly lower than his leading Democrat rivals for the 2020 nomination and even some of the less-than-leading alternatives.


The field’s strongest declared candidate (Vermont’s Bernie Sanders) has hauled in $18.2 million. 

California’s Kamala Harris, a fellow U.S. Senator, raised $12 million.

Texas’s Beto O’Rourke posted $9.4 million.

Pete Buttigieg, the soft-spoken mayor who looks like the current flavor of the month, managed to raise $7 million.

Some perspective: Beto and Bernie each raised approximately $6 million within the first day of their respective campaign launches. Booker was not able to do that in February AND March following his own roll out.