One-third of N.J. adults can’t identify ‘Phil Murphy’ as governor

TRENTON, N.J. – Anyone frustrated with Phil Murphy’s rocky, far-left first term in office – and their fellow residents ambivalence to it – won’t be comforted by the results of a new Fairleigh Dickinson Poll.

According to the pollsters, one-third (1/3) of adults polled couldn’t identify Phil Murphy as governor without prompting.

“Almost all of those who said they knew the governor’s name, actually did know it — or offered some version of the correct answer. Phil Murphy came to mind easily for many, though some offered only ‘Phil’ or ‘Murphy,'” the pollsters explained in their report. “In the ‘let’s just give them credit because they were close enough’ category were those who said William Murphy or Bill Murphy is the governorAnd a handful (21 in total) said they knew who the governor is, and then offered the name of Murphy’s predecessor, Chris Christie.”

The Democrat’s approval rating is 43%-36% among those who knew who he is.

“It’s important to note that Governor Murphy remains under a 50 percent approval rate mainly because people don’t know him very well at all,” noted Krista Jenkins, the director of the FDU poll. “On the bright side, this means he has a lot of potential to improve his ratings. On the pessimistic side, it means he’s just not connecting with voters.”

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Appropriately, Murphy was elected governor in 2017 when only one-third of registered voters participated, the lowest turnout on record for a New Jersey gubernatorial contest.