N.J. Holocaust survivor says AOC deserves “Nobel Prize in stupidity”

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J. –  93-year-old Ed Mosberg of New Jersey survived the notorious Plaszów and Mauthausen concentration camps during World War II. His family did not.

Now he’s more than a little mad and disgusted by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s characterization of U.S. border detention facilities as ‘concentration camps.’

Mosberg offered to take “AOC” on a tour of German concentration camps to educate the Democrat socialist, an offer which she rejected:

“She should be taught a lesson,” Mosberg told the New York Post. “If you’re not there, you will never know what happened. She doesn’t want to learn — she’s looking for excuses. I would like to nominate her for the Nobel Prize in stupidity.”

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