ROONEY: Anti-vaping push is a political strategy to win over suburbanites

TRENTON, N.J. – New York is banning flavored e-cigarettes. New Jersey might be next.

This week,’s Matt Rooney was back on the Chasing News panel to get to the bottom of this regulatory push and why, exactly, our elected leaders seem so keen to act with very little deliberation. 

“There is scant evidence at this point in time that we have an actual pandemic of vaping-related harm to America’s children. I mean, the CDC’s not finding tens of thousands or millions of people being harmed… but they know this something they can run on come election time, because suburbanites are clearly worried about it,” said Rooney, who is also a practicing New Jersey attorney.

“This is social media governance. They see what people are tweeting about, and sharing memes about, and they’re trying to craft policy and inhibiting people’s liberty, and maybe safety, to score a few points,” Rooney added.

Watch below: