WOKE JERSEY: Murphy’s AG orders N.J. police to use transgender pronouns (among other new rules)

TRENTON, N.J. — New Jersey police officers have enough trouble on their hands in Phil Murphy’s Sanctuary State. Now, thanks to a brand new Murphy Administration directive, local law enforcement needs to learn the difference between transgender, “non-binary,” and “gender non-conforming” and a host of associated politically correct rules and procedures or risk the wrath of the state attorney general’s office.

The new directive from Attorney General Gurbir Grewal (click here) is certain to be controversial. 

Among the many new requirements:

  • Mandatory training for all officers.
  • Police must use proper pronouns and chosen names EVEN if the chosen name is not on an official record.
  • New Jersey police will be barred from asking about an individual’s anatomy (or sexual activities) unless it’s vital to a police investigation.
  • Except when there is a “proper law enforcement purpose” or consent, law enforcement cannot disclose someone’s gender identity or sexual orientation. .
  • Police are required to accommodate transgender privacy requests
  • They also can’t deny, for example, a male “transgender” person a wig or cosmetics.