Whitman rants on Twitter again, this time over impeachment trial witnesses

By Matt Rooney

Comparing Donald Trump to Hitler wasn’t enough for her, Save Jerseyans. Christine Todd Whitman continued her semi-regular Twitter antagonism towards Donald Trump over the weekend, raging over the impeachment trial’s imminent conclusion and criticizing Republicans for supporting their Republican president.

“What has happened to the rule of law when even lawyers lie? What has happened to standards? What lessons are our children learning? What is happening to our country and its position in the world,” the former GOP Governor tweeted on Saturday, accusing the Republican Party of lacking a “moral compass.”

“How do we function as a democracy when we acknowledge that our President is allowed to break the law and yet look the other way?” Whitman added…

Of course, during the initial phase of the impeachment process, House Democrats produced on less than 18 witnesses for their hearings; Republicans were the ones who were denied a fair shake in presenting opposing witnesses.

For Whitman or any other Leftist to pretend that the Senate GOP is charting new, aberrant territory is laughable.