Sherrill conspicuously silent on Bloomberg sexual harassment allegations

TRENTON, N.J. – It’s amazing how much silence and acquiescence $2 million can buy

After sitting idly by while former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s very unwoke stop-and-frisk comments came to light, Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D, NJ-11) was similarly mute on Wednesday night following fresh allegations of sexual harassment (h/t CNN):

“They include claims from the 1990s that prior to a male colleague’s wedding, Bloomberg told a group of female employees to “line up to give him a blow job as a wedding present”; that he would regularly direct comments like “look at that nice piece of ass” at women in the office; and that upon learning that a female employee was expecting a baby, he responded: ‘Kill it!'”

The NJGOP and Morris County GOP Chairwoman Laura Ali were quick to point out Sherrill’s many protestations concerning Donald Trump’s purported “attacks on women.”

“Congresswoman Sherrill has had opportunity after opportunity to be a leader in her own Party, but each time she has passed,” said Ali. “Whether it has been any of the host of toxic workplace scandals under Phil Murphy or her endorsement of potential misogynist Mike Bloomberg, I think the women of New Jersey know they can’t count on Mikie Sherrill to stand up for them. Good thing voters in NJ-11 have an opportunity to vote her out in November.”

Bloomberg made his first appearance on a Democrat debate stage in Las Vegas on Wednesday evening. Sherrill not only endorsed Bloomberg for president but is a past beneficiary of Bloomberg’s 2018 independent expenditures on behalf of Democrat candidates.

The billionaire’s history of coarse comments, bad behavior and alleged contribution to an atmosphere of sexual harassment is well-covered territory among those familiar with his public and private sector careers.

Sherrill’s presumptive 2020 Republican challenger is Rosemary Becchi, a female tax attorney and reform advocate.