HUH? Menendez says Trump’s anti-Obamacare policies rendered the U.S. vulnerable to Coronavirus

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democrats’ latest effort to turn Coronavirus into a political weapon to be used against President Donald Trump involves wild pronouncements concerning health care policy.

At a Monday town hall meeting, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders suggested “single-payer” health care could combat the virus. Back in New Jersey, Senator Bob Menendez alleged that the United States is unprepared for Coronavirus due to the Trump Administration’s efforts to combat the Affordable Care Act, a/k/a the “Obamacare” program.

“The Trump administration’s ongoing efforts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act have weakened our ability to effectively respond to the coronavirus,” complained Menendez. “Americans need paid sick leave, access to affordable health care, and protections from predatory health and financial scams. And the Trump administration needs to step up and provide clear protections for frontline workers.”

Menendez did not explain what specifically Obamacare could accomplish towards combating the virus, nor did he elaborate and point out what exactly Trump has done to make the health care law less able to help anyone suffering from the virus. The Administration infamously failed to repeal and replace the Obama-era law; Trump has since adopted a gradual, piecemeal approach to tackling it, permitting states to add work requirements for Medicaid and bringing the penalty for failing to purchase insurance down to $0.

There is no known vaccine for the Chinese-born illness. Treatment typically involves hydration and oxygenation as well as treatment for any resulting complications.