Mehta receives Middlesex GOP Screening Committee endorsement

OLD BRIDGE, N.J. – Rik Mehta fell short at Wednesday night’s Ocean County convention, losing the Jersey Shore county’s line to opponent Hirsh Singh, but he rebounded quickly on the same night over in Middlesex where that county’s GOP screening committee endorsed his candidacy.

The vote was 32 to 2.

Mehta, a pharmacist and attorney, presently has 11 lines to Singh’s 1.

Fellow GOP primary hopefuls Tricia Flanagan and Natalie Rivera have no county endorsements.

Mehta had the screening committee nod in Ocean, too, so anything can happen. Adding uncertainty to the mix is that the Middlesex Convention – scheduled for Saturday March 14th – is a rare “open” convention where any registered Middlesex Republican can pay $10 to show up and vote.