So far, the N.J. death rate for COVID-19 positive residents is 1.2%

By Matt Rooney

We’re beginning to get more (early) data concerning the toll COVID-19 is exacting on New Jersey. Governor Murphy & Co. finally coughed up some hospitalization info on Friday afternoon. We need more, of course (like beds occupied vs. actual ICU patients), but it’s progress. Sort of.

What about the actual death/fatality rate?

Right now, it’s standing about 1.2% of COVID-19 diagnosed individuals according to the state’s publicly available data (much of which is self-reported by hospitals and labs).

On Friday, the Governor announced 8,852 positive test cases and 108 deaths. That makes the rate approximately 1.2% (or 1.224%).

On Thursday, we had 6,876 total cases and 81 deaths; again, we stood at about 1.2% (1.118% to be more precise). Not much of a change despite a dramatic uptick in confirmed positives due to increased testing.

Since New Jersey has had 1,080 hospitalizations (as of yesterday), the fatality rate among those actually hospitalized stands at 10%.

Of course – and this is something we’ve been repeating non-stop here at Save Jersey – no one knows what the fatality percentage actually is because (1) not everyone is being tested and (2) doctors/scientists/engineers theorize there could be thousands or millions of asymptomatic/mildly sick individuals kicking around there. NRO has a solid discussion on that point here.

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