VIDEO: Save Jersey talks to NJ-03 candidates Kate Gibbs, David Richter

By Matt Rooney

We had a FANTASTIC time in A.C. this weekend at the NJGOP Summit, Save Jerseyans, and one of the best parts was (obviously) getting to meet so many long-time readers in person. It’s one of the many oddities of modern living: you can get to know someone over the course of years as only a Facebook or Twitter profile! Strange, right?

But it wasn’t all strictly pleasure. We got down to business with over a dozen interviews including conversations with some of the major players of Election 2020 and probably Election 2021, too.

The NJ-03 GOP primary is the fiercest contest in the Garden State between now and June 2nd. There’s a split between the counties and battle lines are being drawn. The combatants – Kate Gibbs and David Richter – are throwing haymakers at one another. Both sat down with me this weekend to discuss the race, their positions, and the allegations being thrown their way. My good friend Art Gallagher of MoreMonmouthMusings joined us for the Richter sit-down.