We now have the proof: science isn’t guiding Governor Murphy’s decisions

Don’t act surprised. At Monday’s COVID-19 briefing, Governor Phil Murphy pushed back against a scathing NorthJersey.com story further confirming that there exists a gigantic disconnect between the Democrat Governor’s decisions and the recommendations of health experts.

“I literally don’t think about politics at all. I don’t think of politics at all,” Murphy insisted. “I literally don’t care. We’re going to keep focused as best we can on the data, the science, the facts and save as many lives as we can. Period.”

Not quite “period.” Not at all. 

One of the revelations from Dustin Racioppi’s story: Murphy isn’t following the science (no shock there), at least not in all cases. We’ve already heard reports that Murphy ignores his health officials. Now we know that Health Department experts are being told to find science to support their boss’s decisions; News 12’s Kurt Siegelin confirmed this practice independently after the story dropped.

Taken together with the fact that we know the Administration is artificially pumping up hospitalization numbers and deliberately misrepresenting deaths, it’s now beyond question that facts/science/data is not “determining dates” in New Jersey, Save Jerseyans.

The Murphy Administration is making decisions which serve its political goals.

Go tell the nearest Karen.