CNN poll shows Trump closing the gap with Biden as DNC opens

CNN poll shows Trump closing the gap with Biden as DNC opens

MILWAUKEE, W.I. – The results of a CNN survey released Sunday evening point to a tightening presidential contest as Democrats prepared for the beginning of their remote convention on Monday.

Biden-Harris now leads Trump-Pence with 50% of registered voter support to 46% for the GOP ticket; the newly-narrown 4-point margin represents a 10 point shift in Trump’s favor over the past month as BLM protests and COVID-19 hysteria engulf the nation.

Even more signficantly, Biden’s overall lead in 15 polled battleground states stands at a statistically insignificant 1-point (49% to 48%).

Historically, the Republican incumbent occupies a grey area with mere weeks left to go before America passes judgment on his presidency.

Trump’s 42% job approval rating puts well him ahead of Jimmy Carter (33%) and George H.W. Bush (35%), two presidents who lost their reelection bids, but he also trails Ronald Reagan (54%), Bill Clinton (53%), George W. Bush (49%), and Barack Obama (48%), all four of whom were reelected to second terms.

The RCP average (which doesn’t yet include this latest CNN poll) reflects a 7.9-point Biden lead, a bit higher than Hillary Clinton’s 6-point national lead at the same point in 2016. Clinton went on to win the popular vote by 2-points.

Four years ago, Clinton led Trump by 8-points in the August CNN poll.